Solar Purchase

A great way to realize the benefits of solar for your business is to purchase your solar system outright. You will get immediate savings on your power bill, in addition to potential tax credits and incentives.

Decades of Savings

A Solar Purchase will earn your business years of affordable power! All you will have is a smaller monthly charge from your current utility provider. No bills from us. US Energy Solutions will provide system monitoring and a workmanship warranty. This is in addition to the 25-year performance warranty on the panels and a 10-year manufacturers’ warranty on the inverters.

Estimates are Always Complimentary

Costs for your solar purchase will vary depending on how much electricity your business uses. The best way to estimate a price is to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experts.

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Solar Purchase Service Areas

Solar Purchases option is currently available in Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut

Let us show you that going solar is right for your business

Let us show you that going solar is right for your business
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