Companies throughout the world are constantly looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage or increase their existing competitive advantage. Our approach allows companies ways to reach these goals now and well into the future. We can deliver energy efficiency using new technology integration to reduce the energy bill for your business.  Here’s how we do it:

Energy Audits – No or low cost

We analyze your facility to identify projects that will save you thousands of dollars on energy costs, which will be paid for by utility rebates, energy savings, or both.

Project Recommendation

We recommend projects that will allow your company to take advantage of the best available utility rebates, provide the most attractive rates of return on investment, and increase your bottom line.

Project Financing

For any projects not covered 100% by utility rebates, we provide financing options that serve your company best.  Options will includes utility provided direct on bill financing at 0% interest, low interest state loan programs, or other traditional financing. In all cases the projects we recommend for you will provide immediate net positive cash flow, increase your bottom line, increase the value of your properties, and reduce on going maintenance costs.

Project Implementation

We manage your project from start to finish with very little or no time required of your staff.

Utility Rebates

We handle all paper work, on your behalf, related to filing applications and getting you approved for available rebates so that you don’t have to dedicate any staff resources to this process.

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