Solar PPA

With a Power Purchase Agreement, you can potentially pay a lower rate than what you pay your current local utility provider. Plus you get panels, installation, and maintenance on us!

What exactly is a Solar PPA?

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (Solar PPA) is an agreement between a developer (US Energy Solutions) and a business (You). Simply speaking, with a solar PPA we install solar panels on your building (or open land/property) and sell the power it produces back to you. The rate you pay us is typically 10% or more less than what your current utility charges. With a Solar PPA you get clean, solar electricity, and you save money in the process.

Lower energy rates – locked in

You pay a low, predetermined price for the kilowatt-hours of electricity your solar panels produce. We take care of details – including system design, permitting, and paperwork. To ensure your business receives maximum savings, we give you a 20-year power warranty.

Solar PPA Service Areas


Solar PPAs are currently available in Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut

Invest in years of energy savings for your business


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