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Your electric bill has been fooling you

It wants you to think that you have no control over how much you pay for your electricity, even though prices are sky-rocketing year after year.

Stop working at the mercy of your electric bill.

Gain the upper hand on your power costs and keep more profit for your business.

There's a better way to do electricity

No up-front costs. Instant Savings.


Thank you for helping us cut our electric bill by 15%. The LED lights you installed have made a significant difference to the building and the process was very smooth from start to finish!– CB Richard Ellis

Your recommendations have helped us cut our lighting costs by 40%. We were thrilled that you were able to secure rebate incentive funds for our company that paid for most of the project. The return on investment for the project was less than one year, which made the decision to implement your recommendations a no brainer. Thanks again for your assistance!– Prime Cape Cod

Your recommendations have helped us cut our electric bill at several locations by 20%. The rebate incentive funds you were able to obtain for us paid for most of the project costs for all locations. The projects created net positive cash flow immediately, which made the decision to implement your recommendations very easy.– Salvation Army

How It Works

It’s not magic. It’s just smart.

Free Energy Assessment

Our energy consultants will do an in-depth assessment to determine how you can cut your electric bill overnight. Assessments can be done on site or remotely. All we need is a copy of your current electric bill.

Solar and LED Technology

We install and warranty the latest technology for your company. We even finance it in most cases, so there’s zero up-front cost to your business, and monthly payments are still less than your old electric bill was.

Rebates and

We are approved by many electric utilities to file applications with them on your behalf to obtain rebate dollars that help pay for your project so that you don’t have to.


With electricity costs skyrocketing every year, business owners are having to sacrifice profit just to keep the lights on. At US Energy Solutions, our consultants provide a comprehensive energy strategy for your company that will help you save 30% or more annually on electricity costs.

Start your free energy assessment

Are you looking for a way to cut your company’s electric bill? Our proven solutions are guaranteed to save you money, reduce energy consumption, and help save the planet.


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