Damco Distribution in Chesapeake, VA

  • US Energy Solutions, Inc. has completed an energy project for Damco Distribution at their Chesapeake, VA location. The project involved a major lighting upgrade from an inefficient 465-watt HID lighting system, to an energy efficient T5 high bay fluorescent lighting system, which was custom designed by US Energy Solutions, Inc.
  • The project has reduced energy costs related to lighting by over 55%, while also improving the light quality in the building. Most of the fixtures also include motion sensors, strategically located in the distribution center, which will further increase energy savings, increase the life of lamps and ballasts, and reduce overall maintenance costs. Including the rebates provided by Dominion Power, which US Energy Solutions filed for and completed the paper work on behalf of Damco Distribution, the return on investment will be about one year. Additionally, Damco Distribution will be able to write off 100% of the cost related to the project, through the EPACT 2005 tax incentives, this year.
  • “We are honored to have been awarded this project by Damco Distribution. We believe that our business model played a huge part in us winning this contract over several other competitors. Unlike many companies that also provide lighting upgrades, we have created a competitive advantage by being able to offer made to order, direct from the factory lighting systems, which most of our competitors cannot offer”.
  • “In addition, our expertise in being able to efficiently and properly handle the rebate and tax incentive paper work sets us apart from most other companies. Therefore, our customers do not have to dedicate time and internal resources to these tasks, which allows them to stay focused on what is important; running their business”.
  • About Damco Distribution: With 9,500 professionals in over 280 owned offices around the world, Damco manages more than 2.4 million TEU of ocean freight and supply chain management volumes and more than 75,000 tonnes of airfreight, annually.We manage and serve some of the most advanced supply chains in the world; in a diverse range of industries. With a relentless focus on simplifying complex supply chains, we uncover efficiency improvements that enable our customers to cut their inventories, reduce operating costs, and make significant short-term savings for long-term competitiveness