Solar Lease

Does your business have room for solar? Do you have a rooftop, parking lot, land, or open space to install solar panels? Leasing from a company like US Energy Solutions is a great way to make money on the property you already own..

Solar Roof Lease

US Energy Solutions can install a fully maintained solar system on the roof of your building and sell the electricity to the utility company. We’ll provide insurance and a full warranty for your new solar roof and incorporate your re-roofing expenses into the solar panel project costs. Commercial real estate owners can make extra money on their property with annual solar rent payments.

Solar Land Lease

Do you have unused land, open space, or parking lots that can accommodate solar panels? Using a company like US Energy Solution can turn that unused land into a solar farm and sell the electricity to the utility company. Your business will earn a base rent for the duration of the solar lease while US Energy Solutions handles all solar panel operations and maintenance.

Solar Lease Service Areas

Solar Solar are currently available in Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut

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