Helping businesses save on energy for
over 10 years

We consult with your company to help you evaluate opportunities to invest in projects that provide significant energy savings, which have very attractive rates of return on investment. All projects we recommend will pay for themselves through utility provided rebates, energy savings, or both in most cases. In many cases the rebates cover 50% to as much as 100% of the cost of the project.

In cases where the project cost is not covered 100% by utility rebates, we explore the best available financing options for you. You may choose to use your own capital as our projects typically provide some of the best investments available of any kind. Other options include utility provided 0% on bill financing, low interest rate state loan programs, or other traditional financing options. In all cases the projects we recommend will create immediate net positive cash flow from day one, which increases your bottom line, increases the value of your properties, and also reduces on going maintenance costs.

Key Industry Partnerships

We are trade allies with leading utilities such as Delmarva Power, National Grid, Dominion Power, and PEPCO to name a few. These long-standing partnerships allow us to bring you the best possible energy savings solutions and rebates available.