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US Energy Solutions, Inc. is a leader of infrared sensor-based Hotel Energy Management products. We provide direct sales, installation, service and purchasing options to hotels in the U.S., and internationally. We provide innovative Energy and Time Management Solutions to the hospitality industry, school classrooms, college dorm rooms, offices and conference centers.

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  • The Energy Patrol System™ decreases wasteful HVAC consumption 35% to 45%, while accelerating guest service and staff efficiency. In the lodging industry, heating and cooling guestrooms is the largest expense, therefore, it is not necessary to pay for utilities not
    required by guests.

  • The Energy Patrol System™ determines the physical presence of guests by detecting infrared body heat, therefore, it can’t be fooled by movement of drapes or ceiling fans. Guests have complete control of the rooms temperature while in the room. Guest can select
    heat or cool and set the temperature utilizing the existing HVAC unit and thermostat.

  • When guests leave the room for a specified period, Energy Patrol takes control from the normal thermostat and resets the room temperature to energy conserving levels preselected by hotel management. Energy consumption and costs are reduced 35% to 45%
    without adverse effects on guest comfort and convenience.

  • Demonstrates environmental responsibility and helps qualify for “green lodging” status and for rebates in certain areas

  • Up to four (4) levels of programmable Temperature Setback, adjustable in 1°F increments, with programmable time delays between levels

  • The Energy Patrol System™ connects to and reduces consumption on all hotel HVAC systems, including PTAC Units, Heat Pumps, Split Systems, and Fan Coil Units of any voltage.

  • The Energy Patrol System™ is designed to be TRANSPARENT to guests and easy to understand, maintain, and operate by non-technical personnel. In existing hotels our technicians have installed 15-20 rooms in one day. All wiring (a small, 4-pair phone cable) is hidden and room décor is not disturbed.


  • The OCCUPANCY IDENTIFIER (OI) feature allows staff members to know if the room is unoccupied from the hallway, eliminating guest disturbances and improving staff efficiency.

  • The REMOTE OCCUPANCY IDENTIFIER (ROI) extends the above OI feature to a map-like panel at the front desk, housekeeping office, security, or fire control station to provide instantaneous, real-time information on which rooms are physically occupied. ROI requires and utilizes one spare pair of telephone wires from each room to the telephone equipment room for easy installation.

  • When guests leave the room for a specified period, Energy Patrol takes control from the normal thermostat and resets the room temperature to energy conserving levels preselected by hotel management. Energy consumption and costs are reduced 35% to 45%
    without adverse effects on guest comfort and convenience.

  • Patrol Stat is a digital hotel thermostat that is easy to use. It allows guests to see the actual room temperature, which reduces the need for guests to set the thermostat to extreme temperatures, thus reducing energy consumption. Patrol Stat is available for PTACs, split systems, and heat pumps.

  • Up to four (4) levels of programmable Temperature Setback, adjustable in 1°F increments, with programmable time delays between levels

  • The Patrol Stat Plus is a Digital Fan Coil Thermostat that contains programmable energy management features and directly replaces existing mechanical Fan Coil thermostats of any voltage from 24-277 volts.

  • Patrol Stat and Patrol Stat Plus can stand alone or connect directly to the Energy Patrol System™ for maximum energy savings and guest comfort.

  • Patrol Luminations can be installed as a stand-alone occupancy sensing system to automatically turn off lights in public restrooms, conference rooms, linen closets, offices, and other areas in a hotel or commercial building when unoccupied. Auxiliary Sensors are
    available for “L” shaped rooms or areas with partitions. Patrol Luminations has multiple relay outputs and can connect to a Building Management or Security System for additional monitoring of occupancy. Patrol Luminations has an extended LIGHTS OFF TIME DELAY
    range of 30 seconds to 54 minutes.

In addition, Patrol Luminations can be connected to the Energy Patrol System™ HVAC control in guestrooms, offices conference rooms or other areas to automatically reset area temperature and turn off lights on a different time delay when the room has been unoccupied for the selected time. The Patrol Luminations circuit can be hidden in a closet out of view; only one Sensor is visible in the room. The combination of Energy Patrol System™ and Patrol Luminations will automatically reduce both HVAC and lighting expense without any intervention by occupants or staff. It will save more energy than typical CARD KEY energy management systems and is the ultimate energy management combination.



  • The guest arrives at the room.

  • The guestroom door is opened. The Energy Patrol System™ infrared Sensor is in the SENSING mode at this point.

  • The guest enters the room and is detected by the Sensor.

  • The Energy Patrol System™ releases HVAC unit control (air conditioner/heater) to its own thermostat.

  • HVAC immediately turns on if previously left on; if not left on, guest must turn on unit.

  • The Energy Patrol System™ remains in SENSING mode until door is closed. Guest must be detected at least once every five minutes to maintain HVAC operation until the door is closed.

  • After door is closed, and guest detection occurs, Energy Patrol System™ locks in OCCUPIED mode within fifteen seconds. No further detection of guest is required to continue HVAC operation. Energy Patrol System™ has released HVAC unit and has no control of guestroom environment. The guest has complete control of room temperature while in the room.

  • The room door is opened again. Energy Patrol System™ is reset from OCCUPIED to SENSING mode.

  • If another person has entered, Energy Patrol System™ will again lock in OCCUPIED mode after the room door is closed, with no interruption of HVAC operation, providing guest detection reoccurs within five minutes.

  • However, if all guests have left the room for at least five minutes, Energy Patrol System™ turns off HVAC unit thermostat. Energy Patrol System™ controls room temperature ONLY while guests are out.

  • The Energy Patrol System™ maintains room temperature at a comfortable, energy conserving, management selected, high or low setpoint while guests are out.



The Energy Patrol System™ consists of four basic components: the Patrol 7000 Sensor/Controller, Door Switch, HVAC Relay Assembly, and Transformer. (SEE FIGURE 1) Additional System accessories described elsewhere include the hardwired Patrol 7001 Slave Sensor, a Wireless Slave Sensor and Wireless Receiver.

1. Patrol 7000 SENSOR / CONTROLLER

The Patrol 7000 Sensor/Controller consists of a proprietary surface mount technology passive infrared (PIR) Sensor Module and advanced logic Controller circuits mounted on a small circuit board and contained in an aesthetically pleasing plastic enclosure.

  • The Patrol 7000 Sensor circuitry evaluates whether the guestroom is occupied or unoccupied by detecting changes in infrared (heat) energy due to the absence or presence of guests. It is not a motion sensor, but rather a MOVING HEAT SOURCE sensor; therefore, it is not affected by moving inanimate objects or stationary heat sources.

  • The Patrol 7000 Controller circuitry performs the various timing, delay, and control functions required by the system. The circuitry contains an adjustable internal Dual Secondary Thermostat Setback feature which allows the HVAC unit to maintain the room at a management selected, energy conserving temperature when the room is unoccupied or unrented.

    The Controller circuitry also sends low voltage signals to the HVAC Relay Assembly which controls the high voltage power source for the HVAC unit or the low voltage wallmounted thermostat.


The Door Switch is recessed mounted into the entry door frame and is connected to the Patrol 7000 to detect the opening and closing of the guestroom door. The electrical contacts are open when the door is opened and closed when the door is closed.

  • When the door is open, the Patrol 7000 assumes the SENSING mode to determine if the room is occupied. Upon detection of the guest, the Patrol 7000 releases the HVAC Relay to allow the HVAC unit to operate according to its own thermostat and controls. (Note: If desired, the Patrol 7000 has a circuit board selectable option to not allow sensing with the guestroom door open to prevent the HVAC unit from operating while the door is open.)

  • If guests are detected after the door is closed, the Patrol 7000 assumes the OCCUPIED mode, requiring no further detection of uests in order to continue normal HVAC operation.
    If the room is vacant and no guests are detected after closing the door, HVAC operation is disallowed after an adjustable time-delay and the Patrol 7000 remains in the SENSING mode indefinitely.

  • When guests are detected in the SENSING mode when first entering the room, or in the OCCUPIED mode after the door is closed, all control is released to the guest and the HVAC’s own thermostat.

  • When the door is again opened, after the System has been in the OCCUPIED mode, the Patrol 7000 returns to the SENSING mode to determine if another person has entered or if all persons have left the room. If the room is vacated for a preselected time period (5,
    10, or 15 minutes), control of room temperature is removed from the normal HVAC thermostat.
    (Note: The internal Dual Secondary Thermostat Setback Feature removes control of room temperature from the HVAC thermostat and enters a normal, rented room setback. The room will now be maintained at a management selected, energy conserving temperature
    (provided that the guest left the HVAC on.) Control is removed from the normal HVAC thermostat only after all guests have left the room and is immediately released to the guest upon their return.) If a communication link is installed or already exists between the Front Desk and the guestroom, the Patrol System can enter a deeper vacant, unrented room temperature setting for additional energy savings upon checkout of the guest, if this feature is selected.


The HVAC Relay Assembly is connected to the guestroom HVAC unit and receives signals from the Patrol 7000. When the enclosed low voltage relay is activated by the Patrol 7000, it removes high voltage power from the HVAC unit or its thermostat, thus deactivating the unit.
In the event of System failure, the HVAC unit will operate manually in a FAIL-SAFE mode, through the HVAC Relay’s normally closed contacts. The HVAC unit will also operate normally when disconnected from the Patrol System and in the maintenance shop for service.

The low voltage Transformer provides safe low voltage 24 vac power to operate the Patrol System Passive Infrared Guestroom Energy Management System.


Energy Patrol Link
Wireless Energy Management

Features & Benefits
From US Energy Solutions comes Energy Patrol Link Wireless, the next generation of the proven Energy Patrol SystemT series of energy management systems. US Energy Solutions, the leader of infrared occupancy sensor-based hotel energy conservation, has provided innovative energy solutions that have reduced room energy by 35%-45%.

Energy Patrol Link is completely wireless, consisting of wireless passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensors, wireless entry and balcony door switches, and a transceiver connectable to any HVAC unit, Energy Patrol Link utilizes a wireless hand-held Programmer Maintenance Module for easy programming of System features, in plain English, without the need for a computer.


  • COMPLETELY WIRELESS - easy to install without running wires
  • RELIABLE, TROUBLE-FREE OPERATION - uses IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee* wireless protocol
  • Works with any HVAC System, of any voltage, with any type of thermostat or control
  • SUPERIOR BATTERY LIFE, compared to other energy management systems, utilizing inexpensive AAA alkaline batteries
  • Up to four levels of programmable Temperature Setback, adjustable in 1F increments, with programmable time delays between levels
  • Energy Patrol Link monitors multiple PIR Sensors, Entry Doors, Patio/Balcony Doors to properly control and conserve energy in any hotel, office, college dorm or military lodging application
  • CLONING FEATURE makes programming quick and simple from room to room
  • Programmer Maintenance Module can monitor room occupancy and other status features and change programming parameters from outside the room
  • 24 hour bypass feature disables System to accommodate carpet cleaning and other housekeeping or engineering needs
  • Easily installed, programmed and maintained by non-technical personnel
  • System maintains programmed features in the event of power loss or when changing batteries
  • Programmable Open Door feature can prohibit or allow HVAC operation if entry or balcony door is left open
  • Programmable short cycle protection
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

  • Reduces guestroom energy costs 35% to 45%
  • Rapid payback in two years or less with ROI in the 50%-60% range
  • Demonstrates environmental responsibility and helps qualify for "green lodging" status and for rebates in certain areas
  • Increases useful life of HVAC equipment
  • Reduces HVAC maintenance expenses
  • Transparent to guests; operates automatically
  • Helps prohibit the growth of mold and mildew in hot/humid climates


PIR Occupancy Sensors and Door Switches powered by two AAA Alkaline batteries Extended Battery Life: Near shelf life for Door Switch Transceiver Operating Voltage: 12-30 Volts AC or DC, derived from HVAC unit or separate low-voltage transformer Programmer Maintenance Module powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries

Reliable RF Transmission between components via IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee* protocol Unique 16 Bit random number address code for each guestroom to prevent cross-talk between rooms Unique address code for each component, PIR Sensors, Entry or Balcony Door Modules, within each room

Transmits Room Occupancy Status based on infrared body heat detection Occupancy detection via Dual Element Pyro-electric detector Wide angle, 20 element Fresnel lens with 94 field of view for reliable, accurate occupancy detection up to 3600 sq. ft. when mounted at 7 feet high Transmits current Room Temperature to Transceiver Module Mounting Options: corner, flat wall or single gang J-box

Programmable as Entry or Balcony Door Switch Transmits Door OPEN/CLOSE status to Transceiver Internal switch operated by external magnet for concrete-filled door frames Terminal strip for connection of two different recess mounted switches Small size (3.5" x 1.625" x .75")

Transceiver connects to any HVAC: PTAC, Heat Pump, Split System or Fan Coil unit Small size (3.5" x 1.625" x .75") allows module to be hidden from view Programmable Output: 24 Volts AC, 24 Volts DC, or Dry Contact (Form C, NO/NC, 3 Amp Max.) for proper connection to any HVAC unit Four programmable Heat and Cool Temperature Setback levels with independently programmable time delays for each level Test Mode for easy 30 second test during installation or maintenance Programmable Temperature Offset Programmable HVAC OFF time delay Fail-safe secondary room temperature sensor Optional Energy Patrol Link output for independently programmable lighting control in meeting rooms, other common areas

Hand-held module for quick, easy programming of Energy Patrol Link features and parameters Straightforward keypad entry of programmable features with actions displayed on two-line 16 character alpha-numeric LCD display Monitors room RF radio traffic and displays System operation on display Displays detailed "status flags" for more in-depth troubleshooting


Energy Patrol Stat
Digital Thermostat

Saves Energy and Increases Comfort

Energy Patrol Stat replaces any mechanical or mercury bulb
Fan Coil thermostat of any voltage from 24 to 277 volts

  • An easy-to-use digital thermostat that increases guest comfort and satisfaction.
  • Built in programmable occupied AND unoccupied energy management features.
  • Stands alone to replace any existing Fan Coil thermostat or can be interfaced with US Energy's Energy Patrol SystemT occupancy sensor for maximum energy savings.
  • No batteries required; maintains programmed settings in EEPROM memory during power failure.
  • Other Energy Patrol SystemT models are available for split system, heat pump and PTAC units.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS MODE - external energy savings input from Energy Patrol SystemT occupancy-detection sensors allows hotel staff to override the guest's temperature settings while the room is unoccupied. The unit will operate at installer programmed temperature setbacks when activated, allowing increased energy savings. A "$" symbol indicates the active energy savings mode.
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE - Pushbutton temperature adjustment, switches select Cooling/ Heating and Fan Speed.
  • MANUAL CHANGEOVER - Guest selects heating or cooling, just like at home, to prevent "automatic heating" in summer or "automatic cooling" in winter if occupants raise or lower the temperature setting more than 3-4.
  • INSTALLER/MAINTENANCE SETUP MODE - Allows changes of programmable operating parameters:
  • Energy saving unoccupied setpoints for cooling and heating (requires Energy Patrol SystemT Occupancy System).
  • Adjustable occupied maximum heating and minimum cooling setpoint limits.
  • Adjustable minimum relay off-times for heating or cooling.
  • Digital display can be set to show actual room temperature or only guest's setpoint.
  • EEPROM MEMORY - Permanently retains programmed and user settings during power loss (no batteries required).
  • ATTRACTIVE modern styling is ideal for guestrooms, offices or conference rooms.
  • OPTIONAL wall adapter plates available to cover old thermostat location.
  • SELECTABLE C or F display for international guests.

  • Energy Patrol SystemT Series Digital Fan-Coil Thermostats provide line or low voltage control for fans, valves, compressors or auxiliary electric heaters in fan-coil and small air-conditioner applications.
  • Up to three Fan Speeds are controlled from the thermostat. Fan Speed selection is via a simple slide switch and can be configured to run continuously or cycle with the thermostat with an optional fan cycle relay.

Energy Patrol SystemT models are available
for split system, heat pump and PTAC units.
Energy Management Interface with Energy Patrol System
Guestroom Energy Management System


Patrol Light

Technical Specifications
  • Proprietary, dual elements passive infrared detection and decision circuits
  • True "people" detection.not simple motion sensing
  • May be used in areas with ceiling fans
  • High quality, wide angle, 20 element fresnel lens with 94 field-of-view
  • Covers up to 3600 sq. ft. (334 sq.m) when mounted 6-8 ft. (1.8-2.4 m) high
  • Includes narrow angle, 12 element, 13 long-range lens for detection in hallways up to 100 ft. (30.5 m) long
  • High impact styrene in medium beige color; each edge of base beveled at 45
  • Mounts in a wall/wall corner or ceiling/wall corner to look over partitions
  • Wire channel in back allows flat wall mounting at 6-8 ft. or mounting on a standard J-box using a light switch plate as an adapter
  • Circuit board "pops" out of enclosure base for easy installation and servicing

  • Powered from a small, UL/CSA low-voltage transformer of 24 vac, 15-20 VA
  • Conventional light switch continues to be used; no training is required
  • Compatible with 3-way switched circuits and dimmers

  • Low energy pulsed ON/OFF output directly operates up to three General Electric RR-7 Remote Control Relays. DO NOT CONNECT OTHER RELAYS
  • Each RR-7 is rated for both incandescent and fluorescent lighting up to 2000 watts at 120 vac, or 4000 watts at 277 vac
  • Additional isolated, low voltage Form C contacts to operate external relays, lamps, meters, or other devices at a maximum of 3 amps, 24 vac/vdc

  • Time delay to lights "off" is adjustable by an internal 10 position rotary switch
  • Delay adjustable from 3 minutes to 54 minutes in .1 hour (6 min.) increments
  • Position "0" provides a 30 second TEST delay
  • Energy Patrol Light cannot be disabled by the occupants

  • Low voltage Sensor wiring is not normally required to be in conduit
  • UL/CSA listed Class 2 Transformer and Remote Control Relay components
  • Energy Patrol Light is protected against line transients and accidents by an internal 1 amp fuse and MOV surge suppressor
  • Components are interconnected with low-cost 22 ga./3 pair telephone cable

  • Compatible with multiple Energy Patrol System Auxiliary Sensors for coverage of large or irregularly shaped rooms and L-shaped hallways

Energy Patrol Light Master Sensor P/N 4368800
Energy Patrol Light 7001 Auxiliary Sensor 4368701
General Electric RR-7 Remote Control Relay 4368843
Transformer 120/24 vac, 20VA 4368138
Transformer 208-240/24 vac, 20VA 4368140
Transformer 277/24 vac, 20VA 4368137

  • Backed by US Energy Solutions' TWO-YEAR Limited Warranty



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